Walk along Ireland’s own “Camino” pilgrimage route

“Pilgrim Paths” offer guided walks retracing the steps of penitents of the past.

How the scallop shell became a symbol of pilgrimage

There are numerous legends and myths surrounding this well-known symbol.

Why is the Jasna Góra Shrine one the most popular pilgrimage destinations in Poland?

Its special importance is recognized not only by Catholics in Poland, but throughout the globe, and even by non-believers.

The fourth largest statue in the U.S. is a Marian image in the Rocky Mountains

What began as the fulfillment of a vow ended up becoming the icon of an entire town.

Turkish town where St. Nicholas gave gifts is pilgrimage site for Russians

Demre attracts small bands of Orthodox pilgrims, while Muslim residents keep memory of the "wonder worker" alive

Are You Up to the Ironman of Pilgrimages? Try St. Patrick’s Purgatory

The ancient Irish pilgrimage destination receives 15,000 visitors a year

A True Pilgrimage Should Cost You

And it should be more than the price of a religiously themed vacation

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