Planned Parenthood

A Challenge to Planned Parenthood Grows in Idaho

Named for early suffragette, Stanton Healthcare wants to provide pro-life care for women

Planned Parenthood Attack: Slain Cop Also a Pastor

As motive is still being investigated, Terry Mattingly looks at Christian background of heroic officer

Planned Parenthood Offers No Help with “Parenthood”

Abortion is the only pre-natal "care" provided

Tenth Video Released on Planned Parenthood’s Sale of Fetal Parts

Top exec says the exchange can make "a fair amount of income"

Planned Parenthood Admits Altering Procedures to Get Better Fetal Samples

Letter to Congress critiques stealth videos, but whistleblower finds admissions

Planned Parenthood Can’t Supply Enough Body Parts, StemExpress CEO Says

Latest video catches company official in discussion of supply chain

Biomedical Doctor Suspects Aborted Babies Are Kept Alive to Harvest Organs

The group behind the Planned Parenthood videos consulted with her