Planned Parenthood

How Catholics Caved in to LBJ on Birth Control

...and what this says about the fight about Obamacare

Obama Wants You to Pay for Abortions — But He Doesn’t Want You to Know About it

Pro-lifers in Congress poised to take action in the new funding bill

“Stop Listening to Planned Parenthood and Start Listening to the Constitution,” Pro-Lifers’ Lawyers Tell Pittsburgh

Plaintiffs are pressing for their right to engage in one-on-one conversations and distribute literature.

Abortion-Rights Groups On 2014 Elections:”Nothing to See Here”

After rebuff by voters, NARAL and Planned Parenthood issue survey showing abortion is a winning issue.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Video Is Straight Out of Fantasyland

For the real story, check out videos by Live Action or talk to someone who's been there

North Dakota Judge Strikes Down State’s Pro-Life Laws

But North Dakotans are fighting back against her judicial activism

What Kate Michelman and Pope St. John Paul II Taught Me

The "only proper response to another human person is love." (John Paul II)

Abortion Advocacy Gets Ugly

As the appeal of "choice" wanes, abortion promoters seek new ways to keep abortion legal.

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