Polish town sees first baby boy born in over a decade

The data suggests that this rare occurrence is due to the town's low birth rate.

Polish nuns fill in for nursing home staff beset with COVID-19

The Dominican sisters say they will help "regardless of the consequences" to their own health.

This Polish saint chose God over political power

St. Casimir began to see the dark side of politics and devoted the rest of his life to prayer.

Polish Dominicans lead a campaign for new liturgical music

The English translations will be made available to be freely used in any church service.

The tallest statue of Jesus is in Poland 

Built in 2010 in Świebodzin, “Christ the King” is 33 meters tall -- a reference to the age of Christ when he died.

During WWII these Polish nuns offered their lives so that others might live

The martyrs of Nowogródek prayed to God that the Nazis would kill them instead of a group of prisoners.

Begin your day with this prayer to Our Lady of Czestochowa

The "Black Madonna" of Poland can help you remain faithful to God through any storm.

How St. Hyacinth miraculously fed a crowd of starving people with pierogi

He is known in Poland as the "patron saint of pierogi."

How Mary became “Queen of Poland”

She has been recognized as Poland's spiritual queen for many centuries.

These are the places in Poland that every Catholic should visit

What is arguably the most Catholic country in Europe and has given rise to some of the greatest saints of the modern era.

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