One of the greatest popes in history didn’t want to be pope

Gregory the Great was sure he didn't have what Rome needed, especially as the needs were so great.

These are the towns where popes have spent the summer

Many popes chose to escape the heat of Rome for peaceful towns in the Eternal City's surrounding hills.

Did you know a 20th-century pope climbed Europe’s 2nd highest peak? And it wasn’t JPII

Sports popes love (Part 2): Pius XI considered that mountain climbing (if done prudently) was the greatest exercise for both soul and body.

Imaginary popes: A review of George Weigel’s ‘The Next Pope’

Reading it polemically will miss Weigel’s broader purpose: explaining the papacy and the Church

What is the magisterium of the Catholic Church?

The magisterium is the official teaching office of the Church, including the pope and the bishops in union with him.

What is the meaning of the title “pope”?

The name "pope" comes from a Latin and Greek word meaning "father."

A lesson from history: Pope Clement and the plague

One of the Avignon popes turned out to be the right man for the right time when the Pestilence came to town.

The secrets behind the Vatican’s white/black smoke 

Do you know how the Vatican chimney works?

Why Pius XI wanted everyone to proclaim that “Jesus is King”

He believed that recognizing Jesus as King would lead to lasting peace on earth.

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