What is the magisterium of the Catholic Church?

The magisterium is the official teaching office of the Church, including the pope and the bishops in union with him.

What is the meaning of the title “pope”?

The name "pope" comes from a Latin and Greek word meaning "father."

A lesson from history: Pope Clement and the plague

One of the Avignon popes turned out to be the right man for the right time when the Pestilence came to town.

The secrets behind the Vatican’s white/black smoke 

Do you know how the Vatican chimney works?

Why Pius XI wanted everyone to proclaim that “Jesus is King”

He believed that recognizing Jesus as King would lead to lasting peace on earth.

7 Popes share their love of the Rosary

The Rosary remains a popular prayer among the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church.

Why does Pope Francis wear a silver cross?

The tradition of popes wearing a pectoral cross has a fascinating history and deep spiritual symbolism.

When St. Gregory was elected pope, his first thought was to run away

Even though St. Gregory didn't want to become pope, he is regarded as the prime example of a "good shepherd."

What is Pope Francis’ daily schedule?

Here is an inside look at what the Holy Father does with his time.

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