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CNN’s new series, ‘Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History,’ commits sins of omission

What is missing is a balancing look at all the good that has come from the existence of the Church.

Pope Francis’ message on breastfeeding in the Sistine Chapel

It's not only natural; it's "the language of love."

1st public interview: Nun who helped John Paul I tells of his peaceful death

Sister Margherita Marin contradicts conspiracy theories.

Catholic institutions divest from fossil fuels to honor St. Francis

Their assets will be reinvested in clean, renewable energy.

The “Vatican Secret Passage”: Does it really exist?

The last “escape route” of the pope, the “secret passage” is a kind of ghost that haunts many writers.

Jimmy Carter was ‘greatly inspired’ by the prayers of John Paul I

President and "The Smiling Pope" exchanged messages during the 33-day pontificate

Pope quiz: Which Holy Father started the Sunday Angelus?

The informal address is a recent invention in the Church and began on a meaningful date in history.

Joaquín Navarro-Valls: the man who changed Church communication

The 3 secrets of the layperson who was Peter's spokesman for 22 years

Only 7 women in the world can wear white to officially meet the Pope

This is the traditional protocol of the "privilège du blanc."

Does the Gospel give you joy?

Just look at the smiles on the faces of our present and recent popes!

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