To Confess the only Glory, Christ Crucified: Pope Francis’ first homily

"If we do not confess Jesus Christ...we would become a pious NGO, but not the Church"

White Smoke at Burger King

A mom shares what it was like hearing about the new Pope

Pope Poverello

The new Pope took the name of the saint who most embodied the radical poverty of Christ—St. Francis

Pope Francis’ first public address

Pope Francis asked the crowd to pray for Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus

Reactions to the new Pope from the UK & Ireland

New comments will be added as they are received

Jewish friend of Pope Francis: “[He] stood out for his closeness to minorities”

"He wore a normal jacket and used public transportation, but at the same time, he is a very cultured man"

Round Three of Pope Madness!

Down to the Elite Eight

The Fisherman’s Ring: Preparing for the New Pontiff’s Symbol of Authority

The ring is a papal insignia the new Pontiff receives during the solemn papal inauguration Mass

Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio is Pope Francis: his bio

As Pope, he is the universal pastor of the Catholic Church