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Pope’s October intention calls for greater participation of laity, especially women

The Holy Father is praying that laity, especially women, will take up their baptismal call and live as protagonists of the Church.

‘No to plundering, yes to sharing’: Pope praying in September for the stewards of the earth

“Today, not tomorrow; today, we have to take care of Creation responsibly.”

Pope’s August prayer intention: Those who live from the sea

The Vatican's ministry for these peoples marks 100 years in October.

Pope’s July intention: For families

That the State will protect them and that the Church will accompany and guide them.

Pope’s June intention: That the suffering allow themselves to be touched by the Sacred Heart

Wherever there is sorrow, wherever there is suffering, wherever there is difficulty, the Heart of Jesus is always there first. No one is alone.

Pope’s May intention: Deacons

Christ made himself the ‘deacon’ or servant of all.

Pope’s April intention: For those suffering from addictions

In today's world, Pope Francis notes, addictions have expanded into the "dangers of virtual space"

I thank everyone who prays: Pope urges all people of good will to unite in prayer

With special "Pope Video," Francis transmits the intention most on his heart

Pope’s March intention: The Church in China

It is thought that China's population is now more than 7% Christian

Peace is a longing of the human heart; don’t settle for less, says pope with January prayer intention

Pope Francis' first prayer intention of 2020 is the promotion of a world of justice and peace