How reading the Bible helped St. Augustine overcome lust

St. Augustine was able to overcome his addiction to lust by reading passages of the Bible.

Addicted to lust? Alessandro Serenelli could be your new patron saint for breaking free

For those struggling to break free from bad habits, the repentant murderer of St. Maria Goretti could be a new intercessor.

This Psalm can help you maintain purity of heart

When drawn to a temptation, pray this Psalm.

Religious investors push telecom companies to outwit online molesters

At Verizon’s annual meeting, resolution makes strong showing.

Join the 21-day porn detox challenge called STRIVE

Matt Fradd aims to help men break free of the porn habit.

How the internet is causing child sexual exploitation

It's threatening the moral and mental health of an entire generation.

Addicted to porn but still worthy of love: The Church is key to spreading this message

Carrying the message of love and forgiveness of the Savior, the Church has a particularly important role in fighting this scourge.

Why pornography is too dangerous to even touch

It's one of those things we shouldn't go near.

What’s the harm in pornography? A new documentary explores its effects

Fight the New Drug wants to free society from pornography's addictive grasp.

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