Hotel Chain Removes Porn Channels Over Human Trafficking Link

Owner Petter Stordalen acts on what he calls their "social responsibility"

UK to Block Internet Porn in All Homes

Pornography will be blocked to most UK homes by default. If a person wishes to have access to online porn, they can opt-out of the plan.

Married Practicing Catholics Have the Best Sex, Study Finds

Turns out enlightened hedonism can't beat the backward, oppressive Catholic sexual ethic taught by celibate old men after all

Newman Society, Family Research Council Co-Sponsor Talk ‘Porn in the Dorm’

The talk discusses how college students are prone to porn addiction, and how it affects them later in life

Parliament Versus Porn

Conservative Party Member of Parliament Maria Miller is leading the way to make it easier to block Internet porn in the UK

Pornography: What’s the Harm?

The $13 billion industry destroys the lives of numerous men, women and children

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