Almost 2 million babies are born dead in one year, according to new report

A joint UN and WHO report finds that vast majority of stillbirths occur within poorer countries, and, with quality health services, would be completely preventable.

Exclusive photos: A May crowning in the back of a pickup truck

The Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal bring the Marian devotion to the streets.

6 Saints who endured crippling poverty

To all who are facing lost income and lost jobs during this difficult time, here are some saints to intercede for you.

Indonesian Catholic appointed to senior World Bank post

Mari Elka Pangestu will oversee development policy to provide loans and grants to poorer countries.

Exclusive photos: 13,140,000 sandwiches served by the St. Francis Breadline in NYC

How a simple act of kindness by one friar inspired generations to serve those most in need.

Heisman winner Joe Burrow used spotlight to highlight poverty in Southeast Ohio

Census data released today confirms that residents of the Athens County area are struggling.

A priest who fights drugs in “enemy territory”

Father Piedrabuena is giving his all to save the kids in his community.

That first Christmas night is lived out at the Bethlehem Mission in São Paulo

The missionaries repeat the words of Pope Benedict XVI: “The person who does not give to God, gives very little."

Poor leaving church “en masse,” says researcher

Political scientist has found disturbing trends, but it's the church where the poor can learn to step up from poverty.

Vatican opens shelter for poor beside St. Peter’s

But get this: Vatican officials urged the contractors to hire the homeless for the renovations. They did ... and are now bringing them on as employees

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