Diocese of Charlotte opens new seminary as vocations surge

The new seminary will serve the region as the premiere place for college-level priestly formation between Washington, D.C. and Miami.

The saint who inspired the Curé of Ars

John Vianney claimed: “Everything good that I have done, I owe to him.”

Newly ordained priest gives first blessing to his priest son

This father and son duo are priests together, and the son's role at his father's ordination made it that much more special.

Pope: Pray for your parish priest!

Francis notes Friday's intention that priests will be holy and ministers of the joy of the Gospel.

Archdiocese of Mobile ordains two brothers to priesthood on the same day

Peyton and Connor Plessala credit the support of their family for their clerical vocations.

Pandemic lockdowns mean some priestly ordinations will be live-streamed

Dioceses supported by Catholic Extension hope to keep ordinations on track as ordinations have had to be scaled down.

Do you know Chapter 2 of the Prodigal Son story?

This is more than a story: this is the reality of my life, and my calling to the Dominican Order and the priesthood of Jesus Christ.

Boston priests form team to administer sacrament to COVID-19 patients

Like living in a firehouse, says one priest, who describes "getting the call, rushing out, and coming back."

Join the new campaign to “Uplift Your Priest”

This new initiative started in April and offers your local priest some much-needed support!

5 Priests unable to serve their flocks as they wanted to

The faithful miss Mass, but priests are suffering too. They miss their people. Fathers, these saints are for you.

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