Baby born at 23 weeks is defying the odds

Doctors gave Oliver-Cash Lowther-Ryan a 3% chance of surviving.

Doctors at Vatican hospital undertook extraordinary operation to save 28-week unborn baby

Surgeries in-utero are a delicate process, making the extraordinary success of this procedure a sign of hope and a human triumph.

Papal prayer: That the pandemic will make us all work harder to build culture of life

In message for UK Day for Life, Francis speaks of moral imperative to do more for most vulnerable.

Blind star of ‘Voice of Germany’ dedicates song to the unborn child

"Welcome on Earth" was written by a priest and will be performed by Bernarda Brunovic at the Berlin March for Life in September.

The doctor advised the parents to “terminate,” but they chose prayer instead

The couple wouldn't consider abortion. "We said, 'No, God gave us this baby and God will take the baby if He wants to.'"

6-month-old girl who survived heart surgery and now fighting COVID-19 reminds us life is a gift

Baby Erin's parents chose to release her photo to the public to make put a face on the importance of physical distancing.

New York State rescinds DNR order for EMT personnel

"Human dignity demands reasonable effort be made to save a person’s life," state's Catholic bishops say.

Exclusive photos: Crisis pregnancy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic

See how Good Counsel Homes is continuing to provide a safe haven for women and children.

Pro-Life Nebraska group educates with ultrasound in school

Heart of a Child Ministries is spearheading an effort to instill respect for human development in Nebraska's youth.

Former abortionist, rape victim to celebrate life in NYC Gift of Life Walk

The March 25 parade will travel down Broadway, through the heart of Manhattan.

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