Our collection of articles on the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, from a Catholic perspective.

Tired of forgetting things? Try this method

Would you like to have a more reliable memory and a greater capacity to concentrate?

Mental health is deeply connected to spiritual health — these resources can help with both

New ministry helps clear away psychological obstacles to receiving God's grace and love.

9 Ways to pray with your body

Physical movements can enhance our spiritual lives, and help us emotionally and psychologically as well.

Psychologists advise new approach to dealing with obesity

Despite what many people think, lack of will power is not a key factor.

Catholic psychologist invites you to “integrate your life”

Online program offers resources to find peace and connect with God.

Want your kids to be emotionally intelligent? Give them pen and paper

Handriting is more than a skill -- it develops neural pathways that intersect with our emotions.

Are you obsessed with getting things done fast? Be careful

Speed without reflection can be counterproductive!

Religiosity can help combat depression, researcher finds

A 1.0 standard deviation increase in religiosity decreased the probability of being at risk of depression by 11 percent.

7 Tips for being less absent-minded

You're not necessarily careless; you might simply be overwhelmed.

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