Aleteia's collection of articles on family or kinship relations, friendship, marriage, relations with associates, work, clubs, neighborhoods, and places of worship, from a Catholic perspective.

Pre-nuptial panic: Just stress or reason to call it all off?

A few ideas to help you see it more clearly.

How to exercise proper authority at work and at home — tips from an army general

Whether you are a parent, a military leader, or a CEO, you must know how to establish and exercise your authority positively and objectively.

Why dwelling on a past love can be dangerous for your marriage

It is easy to romanticize former relationships, but make sure you keep it all in perspective.

How to make the most of single life instead of just enduring it

French author who married later in life shares her testimony on being single for many years.

12 Truths about making lasting friendships from St. John Henry Newman

Keep these points in mind when making and keeping friends.

Having trouble committing to a serious relationship?

Some tips from a marriage counselor on how to work through obstacles and build a beautiful relationship.

5 Ways Jesus Dealt With Difficult People

Jesus asked questions, was not defensive, and knew when to ignore something.

8 Ways for Catholic parents to help kids grow in faith during and after divorce

Whether you're a divorced parent or a child of divorce, a new book can help you find hope and healing.

Letting go of unfair expectations helps heal our relationships

So many of life's disappointments come from unspoken expectations. How can we let them go?

A beautiful prayer for finding your soulmate

During his youth, Blessed Frédéric Ozanam wrote a prayer for single men that was answered in his own search for a spouse.

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