Aleteia's collection of articles on family or kinship relations, friendship, marriage, relations with associates, work, clubs, neighborhoods, and places of worship, from a Catholic perspective.

3 Fun activities this fall for guys

Plan time with friends before it gets too cold for outdoor gatherings, and enjoy the wonder of God's creation.

The longest lasting marriage in the world

Their parents tried to stop them from getting married, but nearly 80 years later, they're still in love.

Are virtual happy hours worth your time?

I was surprised to discover there is actual virtue in gathering for social time over food and drinks online.

Why every man needs a small group

Most guys think they don't need one, but they're missing out.

Breaking up in the age of social media: It’s harder than it sounds

Online reminders of your ex make it harder to move on from a relationship than it used to be.

10 Creative ways to tell loved ones you’re pregnant

If you're just bursting to share the big news, you'll want to know about these sweet and funny ways to announce it!

Sharing the Gospel doesn’t have to be complicated

An ordinary family can share Christ’s message with neighbors, friends, and even strangers -- here are a few tips!

3 Ways that anyone, anywhere, can join the fight against human trafficking

You may be one person, but you can make a real difference, right where you are.

Why is it so important to pray for our enemies?

It can seem impossible, but when we understand this command, it becomes more natural.

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