Pope John Paul II relic stolen from Italian cathedral

Archbishop of Spoleto-Norcia pleads for return of gold-encased blood.

Venerate 1,200 Catholic saints’ relics at the Maria Stein Shrine

This historic Catholic site offers relics, Adoration, Mass, an educational museum, and more.

Christ’s Crown of Thorns has survived war, revolution, and Notre Dame’s fire

Verified thorns from the supreme relic of the Crucifixion can be found in church collections and even the British Museum.

Bones of 7th-century English saint identified

These relics are the oldest remains yet discovered of an English saint and royal relative.

St. Thomas Becket’s bloodied tunic to return to Canterbury

The loan from the Vatican comes to honor the 850th anniversary of his martyrdom.

Where is the true Holy Lance, which pierced the side of Christ?

The search for the holy relic is like something out of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.' In the ed, though, It is a question that must be answered by faith.

“Santa’s finger bone” among list of relics given to English monastery

A translation of a medieval  document reveals that William the Conqueror made the abbey a gift of a relic of St. Nicholas.

A relic from Jesus’ manger has returned to Bethlehem

The sacred relic is back in its place of origin just in time for Advent.

Holy relics of Jesus’ crib to be returned to Bethlehem

The wooden fragments have been in Rome since they were whisked away after the Muslim conquest of the Holy Land.

The Iron Crown of Lombardy: The third-class relic that crowned 47 Holy Roman Emperors

This venerated relic is thought to contain one of the nails of the True Cross.

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