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Religious Freedom

Justin Trudeau’s “peoplekind” remark overshadowed religious freedom issues in Canada

Prime Minister apologized for "dumb joke," but media firestorm was sidetracked from underlying concern.

Rome’s Colosseum to be lit red in solidarity with persecuted Christians

Red lights will represent the bloodshed due to religious persecution in an effort to raise awareness.

Europe’s bishops oppose Iceland’s proposed ban on circumcision

Cardinal says it's an attack on religious freedom, and expresses solidarity with Jewish and Muslim communities.

The famous “Iron Church” is re-opening in Turkey

Erdogan states that the state has to protect the right to freedom of worship for all.

Christians in Nigeria suffer under the yoke of the “African Taliban”

The diocese of Maiduguri, in northeastern Nigeria, is threatened by Islamist hatred. Christians are abused because of their beliefs, but keep a strong faith.

Brownback confirmed as religious freedom ambassador

Kansas governor overcomes Senate opposition with Pence's help

One in twelve Christians in the world are persecuted

In 2017, out of the 2.48 billion Christians in the world, 215 million suffered a degree of persecution ranging from "strong to extreme."

Trump administration allows FEMA aid to houses of worship in policy shift

Faith groups have been pushing for the change for decades

The one prayer that helps Copts remain grateful under persecution

This prayer of thanksgiving you absolutely have to know.

French court orders removal of cross from statue of John Paul II

Ruling says the cross violates Frances’s separation of Church and state.

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