Religious Freedom

French court orders removal of cross from statue of John Paul II

Ruling says the cross violates Frances’s separation of Church and state.

UN official says 75% of world’s population experiences religious restrictions

Ahmed Shaheed calls on countries to repeal blasphemy laws

How the last “witch” hanged in Boston was a Catholic

Washerwoman Ann “Goody” Glover was an Irish immigrant.

Court declares cross-shaped WWI memorial “unconstitutional”

The monument was built in 1925 to honor local Maryland men lost in the war.

Chesterton and Friedman talk Robinson Caruso, cooking tools and more

Imagining how the 19th-century journalist and the 20th-century economist might chat about the essence of freedom

Denmark ready to ban the burqa and other face-covering veils

A law against facial coverings has support across party lines.

FAQ about the role of an imam

What's an imam's job? What are his working conditions? Does an imam receive a salary?  Does he need a college degree?  

Could the solution to radicalization be as simple as greater dialogue among religions?

According to two professors from the The Open University in the UK, ignorance is the biggest obstacle to peace.

Here’s the best (and easiest) concrete way to help persecuted Christians

The charity group Aid to the Church in Need is on the front lines with groups facing persecution; #Go2Mass is one way to help them.

The threat to religious freedom: What challenges face the Trump Administration

Interview with sociologist Massimo Introvigne, founder of the Center for Studies on New Religions.

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