Religious Statues

Attacks on churches continue, leaving a majority of Catholics concerned, according to poll

Catholic and Protestant churches burned or broken into, according to reports from around the U.S.

The largest crucifix in the world is in Colombia

A 262-foot-long statue of Christ on the cross rests atop a chapel at a religious theme park.

40-foot sculpture of Mary, blessed by John Paul II, emerges from river after 10 years

The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was taken by Hurricane Alex and returned by Hurricane Hanna.

The Veiled Christ: The Miracle of Transparent Marble

One of the most remarkable sculptures in the world is also the stuff of legend.

The tallest statue of Jesus is in Poland 

Built in 2010 in Świebodzin, “Christ the King” is 33 meters tall -- a reference to the age of Christ when he died.

One of the most perfect statues of the Italian Renaissance shows the martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew

The drape the saint carries around his shoulders is a direct reference to the martyrdom he suffered.

At the Sintra Palace in Portugal, a unique image of Jesus’ death and resurrection is preserved

The work of the French sculptor Nicolas Chantereine, the sculpture occupies the central niche of the chapel’s altarpiece.

This city built the tallest statue of the Virgin Mary with Infant Jesus in the world using donations from citizens

The Monument of the Holy Mother of God in Hoskovo, Bulgaria stands more than 100-ft tall (30 meters) and is visited by pilgrims and tourists alike

In Nigeria, the largest statue of Jesus in all Africa stands almost 9 meters tall

It is also the fifth tallest sculpture in the continent, almost half the size of the Great Sphinx of Giza.

In the Philippines, the soon-to-be tallest statue of the Virgin Mary in the world is about to be ready

Almost 100 meters (315 feet) high, the statue is expected to be concluded in 2021, marking the 500th anniversary of Christianity in the Philippines