Stations of the Resurrection: Meditations on Jesus’ appearances

Known as the "Via Lucis," this devotion is meant to complement the Stations of the Cross.

Meeting the Resurrected Christ in the art of the Counter-Reformation

We do not always know Christ when we first meet him, and the recognition is always a powerful moment.

Resurrection and heaven and all that seemed like far-off cosmic events. Not anymore

Is Christ's triumph over death a concrete and literal truth for you? Because that's what our faith is all about.

For the Apostles, it had all gone to hell

Death plays its games, and we’ll hurt, oh, we'll suffer. But ...

Where did Jesus go on Holy Saturday?

As silence covers the earth, Jesus is busy behind the scenes

How can God die?

It may not be what we want to hear, but Jesus showed us how to find life through suffering and death.

After my miscarriage, I was suddenly surrounded by the culture of death

My well-meaning doctors and caretakers thought that the most comforting thing would be to deny the reality of the death, or deny that every death is cause for weeping.

When the crucifix makes you want to look away, remember this old writer’s rule

He would never be content just to tell us about His love

Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

If you don't know how to argue the resurrection of Christ, you need this book

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