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Attack on Russian church leaves 5 dead. Who is to blame?

On Sunday, February 18, a terrorist attacked an Orthodox church with the cry of 'Allah Akbar,' killing five people and injuring four, before being shot dead.

Ice swimming: Russia’s bracing celebration of Epiphany

Orthodox Christians take the plunge in below-freezing temperatures and icy water.

Russia’s Orthodox Church has opened 30,000 places of worship in last 30 years

Leaders say it will take another 30 years to reach pre-Bolshevik Revolution levels

Russian court orders return of Soviet-seized buildings to the Catholic Church

Church official warns that local officials may still block the transfer of confiscated property

Russia launches cruise missiles into ISIS targets in Syria

President Vladmir Putin sends congratulations to Syrian President Bashar Assad on breach of blockade

Russian Catholic Church urges Western Christians to remember communist-era martyrs

Recall the thousands who were persecuted, as well as big names like Solzhenitsyn, official says.

Russian Supreme Court upholds Jehovah’s Witnesses ban

Ruling forces group to liquidate 395 meeting halls

Interview with priest reveals what it’s really like for Catholics in Russia

"The presence of Catholics is not a recently implanted reality that took advantage of the fall of Communism," says Claretian priest José Mariá Vegas.

Russians launch missiles against ISIS from Mediterranean

Senator Viktor Ozerov is "nearly 100 percent" certain that earlier attack killed ISIS leader

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