A visit to this 13th-century monastery led to the polio vaccine

Jonas Salk was stuck, in spite of working constantly in his lab. Then a retreat gave him the clarity he needed.

British nun becomes member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

Appointed by Pope Francis, she is currently the fourth woman to join the ordinary members of this academy.

Catholic university astrophysicist creates black hole simulation in VR

A 360-degree view of the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Jesuit astronomer calls extraterrestrial communication possible, however unlikely

On a long enough timeline, the chances of discovering intergalactic signals are greatly improved.

The ruin of Solomon’s Temple aids in study of Earth’s magnetism

Modern science is informed by a surprising biblical source.

This French priest was the first to figure out our planet’s size

As one of the leading scientific minds of his era, Picard corresponded with other eminent scientists, including Isaac Newton.

Medical student creates handbook vital for treating patients with darker skin

Malone Mukwende found a significant gap in current medical guidelines, which COVID-19 has exacerbated.

Conjoined twins separated in complex 30-hour operation at Vatican hospital

This successful procedure is a first for the medical books.

Asteroid named for Jesuit priest to honor life’s work

The honor came as a surprise to the Vatican astronomer.

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