3D-Printed artificial muscle can lift up to 1,000 times its own weight

This futuristic technology opens new doors for robotics.

How to wash your hair in space

Astronaut Karen Nyberg shows you how to wash your hair in microgravity!

The forgotten original colors of Ancient Greece

The sober solemnity of the statues we see in museums today has little to do with how they originally looked.

3,700-year-old Babylonian tablet reveals ancient mathematical wisdom

The tablet, known as “Plimpton 322,” might change the way we understand scientific history.

Sister Miriam: The Dominican nun who helped discover DNA

The Michigan-based nun was also a prominent cancer researcher, educator, and lecturer.

The World Digital Library is now available

Now ancient books, maps, and photos are just a click away

5 Life-changing discoveries and inventions by women

The credit often went to men, but here's the full truth.

Why are the hottest days of summer called “dog days”?

The answer lies in Ancient Greek and Roman literature and astronomy.

Solar eclipse connects Americans to nature and one another

From Oregon to South Carolina, awe at a celestial event

6 truths the eclipse will reveal

When the eclipse happens, and darkness falls, animals and light will do crazy things, and we will learn a lesson that we really need to take in.

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