Prayer book owned by Mary, the Catholic Queen of Scots, to be auctioned off

The illuminated Book of Hours is one of only 14 surviving manuscripts belonging to the Catholic queen before she was executed by order of her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I.

The isle of Iona, birthplace of Christianity in Scotland

There are few locations that have caused so many non-believers to question their non-beliefs.

Archaeologists remove Scottish heroine St. Margaret’s relic to learn more about her life

The team intends to make a 3D replica, so future examination does not disturb the relic.

4 Remarkable miracles of St. Mungo, founder of Glasgow

The legacy of this Scottish saint endures to this day.

This Scottish lullaby to the baby Jesus will deepen your love of God

Written from the point of view of the Virgin Mary, this lullaby is often sung at Midnight Mass.

Journey to Scotland’s “Italian Chapel,” built by POWs

It stands as a powerful symbol of peace and resilience.

A pilgrimage through Scotland’s ruggedly beautiful Orkney Islands

A journey on St. Magnus Way recalls the life and death of a Viking convert to Christianity.

Lindisfarne’s sister monastery in Scotland to be site of summer volunteer dig

Crowdsourcing archaeology group trying to find once influential abbey founded by a king's sister.

How an apostle’s death shaped the flag of Scotland

The St. Andrew's cross has a rich history dating to a legendary event in the 9th century.

Mash-Up of “Amazing Grace” and “Fight Song” Performed in the Scottish Highlands (Video)

The Piano Guys have a message: struggle has meaning and grace helps us overcome

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