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The Word on Fire Bible: an evangelization strategy animated by beauty

The best evangelical strategy is one that moves from the beautiful to the good and finally to the true.

Do you know Chapter 2 of the Prodigal Son story?

This is more than a story: this is the reality of my life, and my calling to the Dominican Order and the priesthood of Jesus Christ.

12 Scripture passages to calm your nerves and be at peace

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Aleteia writer Philip Kosloski pens account of Old Testament hero and his journey to a legendary city.

5 Famous dreams in the Bible and how they can inspire us today

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Watch this Georgian Orthodox priest’s chant move Pope Francis

Father Seraphim leads his choir to chant in the ancient Aramaic language, the same spoken by Jesus Christ.

7 Biblical quotes about care for animals

God knows and cares for each of his creatures

9 Everyday expressions inspired by the Bible

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