Shroud of Turin

3D model of Christ based on Shroud of Turin on display in Venice

Venice exhibit shows a correlation between the way the Shroud of Turin was wrapped and the methods outlined in the scriptures.

Watch the live-streaming of the Holy Shroud of Turin here

“We contemplate on this cloth the icon of the crucified Lord Jesus … To him we entrust ourselves; in him we trust.”

Shroud of Turin on rare display for Easter: Tune in here now

Archbishop responds to thousands of requests for holy cloth to be viewed through social media.

Turin Shroud to be displayed in 2020

Cloth believed to have covered Jesus' body in the tomb will be open for viewing during annual youth meeting

Gold dust may prove Shroud of Turin existed before carbon-date of 14th century

Italian researchers suggest the fought-over relic was in the Byzantine Empire as early as the 600s.

Get to know the Shroud of Turin’s companion cloth

Less celebrated but more often viewed is Spain's Sudarium.

New data questions finding that Shroud of Turin was medieval hoax

Specialists hope to re-test the artifact which some believe to be an authentic relic of Christ's crucifixion.

Shroud of Turin exhibit planned for Washington, DC’s Museum of the Bible

The museum hopes to open a high-tech, innovative exhibition on the object many believe to be the burial cloth of Christ.

New website offers closeup views of Shroud of Turin brings together Vernon Miller's scientific images of the disputed relic.

New study raises questions about the age of the Shroud of Turin

Scientists challenge previous radiocarbon testing that dated the Jesus’ burial cloth to the Middle Ages.