Social Media

The 3 golden rules of communicating on social media

Socrates and St. Francis de Sales have a few things to teach us.

Are you guilty of informational littering?

Here are some tips for becoming cognitively virtuous.

10 Inspiring Catholic women to follow on Instagram

Social media can be a positive force for good if we know where to look.

Looters take advantage of world isolation to plunder Holy Land archaeological sites

The smugglers, who include terrorist organizations, use Facebook to coordinate their efforts and crowdsource information.

Dancing priest goes viral on TikTok with videos for kids

Padre Jose uses his "God given talents" to entertain his students in social isolation.

Catholic “love story” challenge goes viral on Instagram

You won’t want to stop reading these sweet, funny, and inspiring love stories Catholic women are sharing.

St. Francis de Sales’ guide to using social media

Remember these simple principles when scrolling through your social media feed.

Why every parish needs a social media ministry

There are many ways for the Church to reach the "digital continent."

6 Things your teens should do to protect their online reputation

These practical steps can help protect their information, reputation -- and future.

Anti-religious memes: When sharing spreads falsehoods

Catholics and Muslims alike find that "memes can maim."

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