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@Pontifex turns 5: “I remember being with Pope Benedict: He was a little clumsy pushing the buttons”

And Pope Francis considers himself a "digital dinosaur" but is eager to use every means to proclaim the Word of God.

Worried about net neutrality? So are the bishops

"Non-profit communities, both religious and secular, cannot afford to pay to compete with profitable commercialized content."

Does covering your webcam really prevent hackers from spying on you? (VIDEO)

The answer centers on whether it's safe to remove the tape.

Social Cross, a Facebook alternative, seeks to provide Christians with space for free speech

The founder got fed up with censorship on the world's leading social media site.

How these #MediaNuns are evangelizing through Snapchat

The Daughters of St. Paul are bringing religious life to Snapchat.

Don’t use victims twice: Sexual assault allegations are not rocks for public stoning

Respect the people coming forward with stories of predation without exploiting them further.

This inventive teen performance of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is going viral (VIDEO)

The dancers use modern pop and rap songs to perform classic productions and the result is electric!

“Chinventures” is bringing humility to Instagram

This Instagrammer has a great way to remind us to laugh at ourselves.

3 Morning habits that start your day off on the wrong foot

Challenge yourself: Get rid of these three vices, and notice the change for the better!

You won’t believe how many kids under 10 are watching porn

Here's how you can protect your kids from being one of them.

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