Social Media

New platform aims to evangelize in Manila Archdiocese

"... to share with you our love for Christ and all the cool things we are learning ..."

Bishop’s tweet leads to “Marian Wave” to end abortion

The faithful are invited to pray a Rosary each week for the end of abortion.

This is what happened when a school banned cellphones

And teachers were asked to join in, too!

Want more than secular mind-calming apps? Try Hallow

Young alumni from Notre Dame realized that in a hectic world, a modern tool can help us with an ancient prayer.

The seminarian and story behind a viral Catholic hashtag, #BreviaryViews

"It’s absolutely amazing to see the amount of prayer, fidelity, and friendship that’s come about through this hashtag and we owe it all to God."

Venezuelan priest uses Instagram fame to engage his people

Father Luis Antonio Salazar stands with his congregation in the streets during times of political uncertainty.

Have you given yourself a social media reality check lately?

If you're comparing your life to curated images, it's time to step back for a minute.

This animated friar is based on respect for kids’ souls, and is helping even adults learn the Faith

Few (if any) catechetical videos are available with the same quality as Brother Francis. We asked the creator to tell us more about him.

For youth who face media-induced anxiety or depression, pope has advice

During Macedonia visit, Francis laments that in digital age, we are all “connected,” but not really “involved” with one another.