Social Media

Go, Tweet the Gospel to Every Creature

It’s been everything from a totalitarian regime’s worst enemy to a vehicle for bringing porn into every household. But to Pope Francis, the Internet is a “gift from God.”

The Church as a Social Network

Think the Church is out of step with the digital age? Our social network has been wired for 2,000 years.

Does Snapchat Really Have a Price Tag?

Can’t believe that Snapchat’s founders turned down billions for their revenue-less app? Maybe our shock says more about our culture’s obsession with money.

Twitterverse Ablaze After TIME Announces Pope Francis as ‘Person of the Year’

CNN, Fox News, Drudge Report, and Fr. Robert Barron: how they are responding to the news on Twitter.

Catholic Social Media Summit Stresses Evangelization

A youth symposium on social media in the Philippines highlighted the call of the new evangelization to explore digital means of sharing the Gospel.

7 Papal Tweets on the Universal Need for Forgiveness

This week's "Twitter Theology" is on something absolutely central to the Christian message: we're all sinners, and we all need the forgiveness made available in Christ.

“Philosophy-To-Go”: Hugh Laurie’s Tweeting Wisdom

Who knew a comedian could be so deep? Amidst great intellectual fragmentation, Hugh Laurie reminds us that pulling "it" all together is important.

10 Papal Tweets on the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church

Twitter Theology Thursday is back! Pope Francis has been reminding us of the importance of the Body of Christ for Christians. Don't you know you can't have Christ without His Church?

Marriage Exhibitionism

Yes, weddings are exciting and are meant to be shared. But if we're more interested in glamour than the actual marriage, there's a problem.

The Word to Remember in Facebook Debates: Shalom

The best way to help others move toward the truth is in the context of a good relationship. Keep that in mind next time a Facebook friend baits you into online debate on some hot button issue.