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The Word to Remember in Facebook Debates: Shalom

The best way to help others move toward the truth is in the context of a good relationship. Keep that in mind next time a Facebook friend baits you into online debate on some hot button issue.

Twitter Theology: 9 Papal Tweets on the Blessed Virgin Mary

If you're not following Pope Francis on Twitter, you're missing out on some of his most interesting teachings. Here's what he's had to say about the most important woman in the Church.

4 Ways for the Pope to Expand Beyond Twitter – and Reach More People with the Gospel

Pope Francis is doing great on Twitter, but Twitter is just one of several major social networks and is not even the biggest. Here’s four other ways the Pope could reach more souls for Christ.

“I Love Jesus” And Other Non-Religions of Facebook

Refraining from identifying oneself with a particular denomination may seem profound, but it usually just means one's faith is shallow.

4 Tips to Take Pope Francis’ Twitter Accounts to the Next Level

He's already been declared the most influential world leader on Twitter, but this is just the beginning. Here's how the Pope can more fully unleash the power of Twitter.

Pope Francis Continues Peace Appeals on Twitter

The bishop of Rome urges leaders towards dialogue and the world towards prayer for peace

We Cannot Be Part-Time Christians, Pope Says on Twitter

Pope Francis told his millions of followers on Twitter today that it is impossible for Christians to have a partial or lackluster commitment to the faith.

Anti-Catholic Facebook Pages Worry Latino Communities

Facebook's continued tolerance for obscene anti-Catholic pages in Spanish are causing some users to question the site's policies – and whether they should keep using the social network.

Philosopher Lauds Pope’s Thriving Latin Twitter Account

Pope Francis uses Twitter to breathe life into the Church's official language

Facebook Home Downloaded 500,000 Times in 10 Days, Receives Negative Reviews

Nearly 6,000 of the app's 11,400 reviews give the app 1 star

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