Vatican renews call to divest of fossil fuels, supporting ”Laudato si”

The new book will serve as a manual for implementing environmental and social change.

Federal court denies the “conscience rights” of medical professionals

The rule would have made it easier for health care professionals to opt out of abortion and other procedures.

Top 11 quotes from Kanye on his Christian journey

The famed pop star wants to use his fame to evangelize.

How can we create a culture of trust in an age of suspicion?

Only 38% of people in the US believe most people can be trusted.

How to be a Christian without being a doormat

Jesus tells us, "Do not offer resistance to one who is evil." Does that mean letting people do whatever they like?

Long Island Bishop likens Catholic Church to 1969 Mets: “Ya gotta believe”

Bishop John O. Barres suggests the "Miracle Mets" could be just the faith model that the Catholic Church needs.

Pew survey finds Christianity continuing to diminish in America

The "nones" rise to over 25% and fewer than half of Millennials call themselves Christian.

You could own a historic Italian convent or monastery

Italy prepares to auction off hundreds of properties, including some disused Catholic buildings.

Victim’s brother forgives Amber Guyger after guilty verdict

In a surprising moment, Judge Kemp left the bench to give Guyger a Bible.

How to be happy? Harvard’s been studying that for 80 years

People who are with other people are the happiest people in the world, scientists find.

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