There used to be a better class of atheist

Harrowing tweets following the Sutherland Springs massacre leaves a priest wondering at the source of vulgar, witless hate spewed from Christianity's "betters"

4 Stories we tell ourselves that distract us from the truth

If you've become an Instagramming, video-game playing, Disney-obsessed political nut, you may need a reboot.

Open secret: The one thing that can prevent sexual harassment

Begin with the pursuit of one unpopular virtue that is barely considered or even taught, and it's not the one you think.

Teen Vogue stops publication after boycott over inappropriate content

Other Condé Nast titles will also decrease in output

Have we surrendered our kids to the popular culture?

It's fine to "meet kids where they're at" but then we still need to lead them somewhere.

Talking with other Catholics as if you actually loved them

Wherever two or three are gathered together, someone will miss the point.

The least religious generation in US History: A reflection on Jean Twenge’s ‘iGen’

"Should be required reading for those who wish to evangelize the next generation," writes Bishop Robert Barron

If gambling is so bad, why do churches promote bingo and raffles?

Done in excess, games of chance can become occasions of evil.

Why not #MeToo? Because I have sons

I count myself among the brave women coming forward and saying "enough," but I don't want to assist in hurting men

Help! How do I escape the office gossip who thinks I’m her friend?

How to impose some boundaries without becoming an office bully's next target.

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