A pediatrician committed to families

Ingrid I. Félix-Peralta is a pediatrician. “I am dedicated to taking care of children from their birth until they’re 24 years old,” she says when asked about her job. “Taking care of” is …

Practicing Family Medicine: Practicing Authentic Medicine

Dr. Saulius Skeivys is the first member of his family—originally from Lithuania—to be born in the United States. He practices medicine in Woodside, Queens, in New York.

Things you won’t find in medical textbooks

Dr. Jacqueline Delmont is in charge of optimizing services for the SOMOS network of doctors. Her work seemingly focused on numbers, also involves a strong element of the humanizing dimension of …

Doctors help immigrants navigate the healthcare system

Interview with Mario Paredes, CEO of SOMOS, a network in New York providing healthcare services to low-income communities.

Influenced by the philosophy of St. Francis of Assisi, this doctor felt called to her vocation since she was 4 years old

Dr. Carmen Lazala is a pediatric endocrinologist. Her patients are children from vulnerable families in New York. Most have limited resources but know that they have a doctor who is willing to attend …

SOMOS, the network of doctors working on behalf of the underprivileged in New York

Dr. Henry Chen is an internist working in Brooklyn. He speaks as the president of the SOMOS physician network, and is well acquainted with the work of health care for New York's immigrant community: …

“As a doctor, you can change people’s lives”

Dr. Jean R. Macenat is an immigrant to the United States. He’s proud to put his prestigious skills at the service of people without resources, mainly Caribbean and Hispanic people living in the …

Family unity contributes to the health of children and adolescents

Dr. Denise Nuñez explains how she treats her patients in the Bronx, New York.

Does the language a doctor speaks influence the way they treat their patients?

Dr. Rafael Guillen talks about his experience as a physician in New York, where he serves Latin American migrants.

The doctor who is tending to the suffering of migrants in New York

The situation migrants face is often not an easy one. Most of the time, they find themselves struggling with a difficult present and an uncertain future.