Some of the oldest Western Christian architecture is in Northern Spain

At a time when most of Spain was under Muslim rule, Christianity thrived in northern Spain.

Spanish monarch thanks Catholic Church for services during coronavirus pandemic

The Church in Spain has seen requests for assistance triple in recent months.

Exclusive photos: The legend of the wild horses of Corolla

There are many tales of how they got there, including one involving the establishment of a Spanish Dominican settlement.

Spanish priests sing for their community on streets and balconies

They have posted dozens of videos to their YouTube channel since the coronavirus outbreak began.

Watch this beautiful film about Gaudí, the architect of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia

The 1984 documentary by Japanese director Hiroshi Teshigahara is an appreciation of the man of faith and genius who created the Modernist basilica.

Spanish Byzantine monastery unearthed, the first of its kind

The 6th-century ruin sheds light on the extent of the Byzantine empire.

Listen to Paco Peña’s ‘Misa Flamenca’: A perfect blend of Gypsy and choral music

In 1991, one of the world’s foremost traditional Iberian guitar players composed his acclaimed Flamenco Mass.

The strange case of the demon with the ice cream cone on the cathedral façade

Just as medieval masons drew inspiration from the bestiary they had at hand, contemporary artists blend tradition and pop culture to convey the same eternal message.

The apse of the church of Sant Climent of Taüll, a Romanesque masterpiece

A replica of the most famous work by the anonymous “Master of Taüll” is still there in the church, deep in the Pyrenees.

Did the Psalms inspire Velásquez’s Crucified Christ?

A closer look at the painting’s anatomical detail and use of chiaroscuro sheds light (no pun intended) on the great painter’s creative mind.

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