Spiritual Life

Here’s how to jump-start your day with prayer

If you need help on how to begin your day with prayer, here is some practical advice.

How to join a Catholic religious order

Whether you are discerning the call to become a nun or a monk, the path to consecrated religious life is similar in the steps required.

Are you a klutz? St. Joseph of Cupertino is your saint!

St. Joseph of Cupertino was known to drop dishes, break pots and get into other blunders around the monastery.

Reading good spiritual books is essential to a joyful life

Whether it is the Bible or the lives of the saints, reading positive spiritual books is vital to holiness.

Why the shortest prayers can often be the best prayers

It only takes a few seconds to pray a prayer of the heart.

John Paul II urged Christians not to run away from the world

It can be tempting to run away and avoid conflict, especially when the world is in crisis.

If you struggle with sin, try this spiritual exercise

Sometimes we don't understand the weight of our sins until we see their spiritual effects.

Reasons to be thankful for the Cross

As Bob Dylan put it, “People who suffer together have stronger connections than people who are most content.”

3 Tips for making the sign of the cross

The sign of the cross can be an integral part of our spiritual life, especially if we make it devoutly, frequently and openly.

How online comments can reveal the state of your soul

According to St. Francis de Sales, the words you use in conversation can be an initial test of your soul's health.

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