How to help children develop their spiritual life, no matter their age

Consider these 5 stages and the opportunity each one is for your child to grow in their relationship with God.

Here’s a deeper way to see your body as a gift

If you have body image struggles, it is helpful to view yourself from an eternal perspective.

US bishops call for nationwide Rosary on October 7

In "chaos of current events," says Archbishop Gomez, we need to "keep getting closer to Mary."

How to live with greater simplicity

Living more simply means being able to distinguish your true needs from unnecessary accessories.

Why you should let your children bless you

Parents often trace a cross on their little one’s foreheads to invoke the Lord’s blessing. We should let our children do the same for us.

What the mother of St. Louis said that highlights our most important parental duty

Queen Blanche of Castile's words to her son can inspire us today to remember what is most important.

The best books on spirituality for Catholics

Nine works that will help you along the way to holiness.

How to hear the voice of God

It's a noisy world, but God still wants to speak to us.

How to recognize the signs of God in your life

Does God speak to us through signs? How do we know and what do they really mean?

Why you should never hesitate to spread the Gospel

Some Christians feel uneasy about evangelization, but it is the best path to spiritual progress.

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