The fast and the faithful

Photo of the Day: June 23, 2017

Jerry Jones, NFL Hall of Fame delegation meet Pope Francis

The Pope urged the delegation to foster virtues that provide a model for young people.

Can sports bring kids closer to God?

Here's how to help your kids get the most spiritual benefit out of playing sports.

Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross reveals how abortion cost her the gold

In her new book 'Chasing Grace,' the American runner reveals she got an abortion one week before the 2008 Olympics.

Why do baseball players make the Sign of the Cross?

Is it a superstitious ritual, or something deeper?

Mexican woman wins long distance race wearing sandals

The 22-year-old is a Tarahumaran, a member of an indigenous people known for their endurance.

Pope Francis urges star athletes to be good role models

The Holy Father reminded Italian soccer players how young people look up to them.

NBA star Ray Allen is spending retirement educating others about the Holocaust

Allen said he wants to "inspire people to break down stereotypes, and treat one another ... like family."

Football star who went viral for sitting with autistic boy signs with NFL team

"I'm not sure what exactly made this incredibly kind man share a lunch table with my son, but I'm happy to say that it will not soon be forgotten," wrote the boy's mother.

This Michigan football star came to seek the blessing of Pope Francis

After almost losing his leg, Grant Newsome comes to Rome as a pilgrim in search of healing

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