The keys to raising a large, happy family, by quarterback Philip Rivers

The dad of nine and his wife Tiffany have a great approach to their marriage and family life.

Watch this brilliant dad copy his daughter’s gymnastics routine

This father went to incredible (and hysterical) lengths to get involved in his daughter's dreams.

Meet the incredible Sr. Stephanie, who broke a world record while raising over $100K

The speedster sister was not going to let a pandemic stop her from running her marathon!

Miracles with a soccer ball: Though promoted by Anglican pastors, popes love the sport

The 20th and 21st centuries have given us one pope after another fascinated by the pitch.

Did you know a 20th-century pope climbed Europe’s 2nd highest peak? And it wasn’t JPII

Sports popes love (Part 2): Pius XI considered that mountain climbing (if done prudently) was the greatest exercise for both soul and body.

The Knights of Columbus took to baseball right off the bat

Since its founding in 1882, the Knights have fielded their own teams, and at one point, more than 200 Knights played in Major League Baseball.

A Dominican priest just made a significant contribution to baseball statistics

With a slight adjustment to the equation, Fr. Kilanowski opened the door to more accurate stats for collegiate level players.

Philip Rivers set to fulfill childhood dream by coaching at a Catholic high school

Lucky students at St. Michael Catholic High School will get to be coached by the NFL champion.

“Winningest coach” Don Shula, a dedicated Catholic, dies at age 90

The Miami Dolphins' record-setting leader was the product of a Jesuit education and later became a generous supporter of Catholic schools.

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