Get ready for the world’s first giant robot fight!

This epic robot battle arrives after 2 years in the making.

Pope Francis praises Special Olympics

The Holy Father commended the unifying virtues of sports for people with disabilities

Green Bay Packers seek to build unity at Thursday night game

Players of the NFL team challenge fans to lock arms in hopes of creating a conversation, not further division.

Pope Francis hopes veterans’ Invictus Games will help promote the dignity of every human life

The Holy Father sent a special message to the participants of the sporting event that takes place this week in Toronto.

Pope backs hockey’s effort to make positive changes in sports culture

17 organizations have signed on to a new Declaration, and a letter from Rome lauds the effort.

Tim Tebow continues to inspire fellow athletes with his Christian witness

Whether he plays football or baseball, he says his faith impacts "how I pursue life."

3 Commandments for sports parents

Referees and coaches are in short supply, thanks to parents who are out of control.

What disabled children bring to the world of fashion and sports

If a top model and a taekwondo champion can include disabled children in their work and lives, we can too.

4 saints to rival “Saint” Roberto Clemente

Did you hear the news about a beatification of the Puerto Rican baseball star?

Revolutionary new football helmet will lower concussion risk

A newly designed football helmet will be put to use for the first time this season.

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