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Why this famous perfume is considered the “love fragrance”

It was inspired by a woman who spent a year in a concentration camp during World War II.

How “fast fashion” deprives us of feeling good in our clothes

By just focusing on looking good, we're missing out.

5 Tricks for getting rid of makeup stains

If you thought your blouse was beyond saving, this is for you!

How buying designer knock-offs puts your family at risk (VIDEO)

As this shocking TED talk reveals, buying counterfeit items is not a victimless crime.

How the trench coat got its name … and its fame

Created during World War I, and boosted by star power, the style of coat Burberry created still enjoys great popularity.

The models in this fashion show are actually homeless (VIDEO)

This shelter has found a creative way to raise money and boost residents' self-esteem.

Why you should wear a daily uniform — even at home

Less laundry is one good reason ... need we say more?

A reason for girls to dress modestly in school … that has nothing to do with boys

New research might put those skin tight leggings back in the drawer for good, with no whining.

Could you be wearing recycled coffee beans?

Famous sports brands are already using this new fabric.

The one question you need to ask before buying an item of clothing

Personal style is so much more than labels or price tags.

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