Sunday Lessons

All the drama of Passion Week applied to one person (not Jesus)

... and thus, applied to us ... The Gospel ends the way our Lent should end.

6 Things the Prodigal Son and his big brother teach us about praying the Our Father

We should pray that we won’t fall into the temptation of either brother.

How Jesus asked his followers to respond to 1st-century headlines

The news wasn't very different from the news of our own day, and their reaction wasn't very different from ours. Here's the better way.

This Sunday, be transfigured by God’s sacrifice

The ideal we long for is truly reachable. Let us take comfort in that.

Our 3 Lenten temptations

The devil's attempts to make Jesus fall have direct relevance in our lives the next 40 days

This Sunday’s Mass has the secret to successful living

From Dale Carnegie to Mother Teresa, some top-notch influencers have lived this recipe.

A motivational speech from the Lord of the Underdogs

And he is not talking about other people. He is talking about you.

Fear God instead of yourself this Sunday

When Jesus Christ invades our space, it is all too easy to ignore him.

A careful instruction on how to love: Tune in this Sunday

We're made for this, but need some help figuring it out, and sticking with it.

This Sunday, learn the Church’s astounding claims about the Bible

The Church has always venerated the Scriptures as she venerates the Lord’s body.