Sunday Lessons

Water and wine are just the start: Jesus transforms everything

If you were to marry a fabulously wealthy person, you would expect your life to change. That's what you've done.

6 Astonishing things God promises through Baptism

Baptism gives us the grace of the “wonder and awe” of Christ’s life amid the hard slog of daily Christian life.

Jesus wants the same 3 gifts from us the Magi brought: Here’s what they are in our lives

St. Gregory the Great explains what the gold, frankincense and myrrh should mean for us.

This Sunday’s lesson: Families that look for Jesus find Him

We can learn from Mary and Joseph what to do when we've had Our Lord and then we don't.

The unbearable absence of Christ: Do we feel it?

The evidence of our senses is overwhelming: Evil, not good, is in control of the world.

Christmas is Mass (and vice versa): See how

We all have our reasons for being at Mass. Some feel compelled, like those forced to go to Bethlehem for the census.

The mental shift that changes a task from drudgery to delight: Find it Sunday

Confessions of a Scrooge: This is why I always hated Gaudete (Rejoice) Sunday, and why I don't anymore.

There are 2 ways to look at time. This Sunday shows us both

Almost nothing you do truly matters. Except to the Creator of the entire universe.

This Sunday, meet the angry and gentle God as Advent begins

Jesus warns us not to get caught up in “the anxieties of daily life” — exactly when we spend days anxiously caught up in Christmas preparations.

Following Robin Hood: Join the band of the ‘Absent King’ this Sunday

What good is Christ’s kingship if the world looks like that? Let Mother Teresa tell us

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