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Sunday Readings

This Sunday’s Mass has the secret to solving relationship problems

We are made as "beings-in-relationship," but we need to figure out what to do with that ...

This feast is a reminder that we are called to greater things

The Ascension of Jesus ultimately prepared the hearts of the Apostles to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.

What the early Church teaches us about Pope Francis’ “peripheries”

God is not afraid! He is fearless! ... Unafraid of the fringes, he himself became a fringe. So if we dare to go to the fringes, we will find him there.

This is what Easter joy looks like in a war zone

No one can extinguish that life that Christ resurrected ... He is the victor!

What to do with the Doubting Thomas in all of us?

He was a skeptic until Christ came, but there was one thing the Doubter didn't lose faith in -- and that saved him.

There’s only one way to celebrate Easter, and the early Christians knew it

Jesus was a living, redeeming, actual Presence among them.

“When others are weeping blood, what right do I have to weep tears?”

The days of Holy Week challenge us to envision a life in which we take responsibility for our indifference.

Saved from and saved for — what it means to have a Savior

The root of our words “save,” “salvation,” and “savior” is the Latin word salus, which means “safety.”

Getting back to the basics of who we are as followers of Jesus

The roots of Lent are in the period of fasting that would prepare new Christians for Baptism.

Why talking about God is so hard

Even the language of the mystics falls short.

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