Sunday Readings

If Advent isn’t about hoping “for,” then what is it?

I realized that I was making a mistake in my Advent-ing.

“What are you waiting for?”: Reflecting on the Sunday Gospel

The Church is reminding us that there is much more to Advent than just anticipating the birthday of Jesus.

What are you doing while you wait for Christ’s return?

We live in a "time between" the comings of Jesus, who, Scripture tells us, could come at any moment.

Jesus’ warning about hypocrisy

Sunday's Gospel is an invitation to practice what we preach.

Jesus summed up the 10 Commandments with these two statements

Not only did he ace the Pharisees' test, he started his own "School of Love."

Religion is always political, but it can never be partisan: What’s Jesus telling us today?

Jesus’ interlocutors were not asking a sincere question, but his answer aids us who are sincerely discerning today.

Why “come as you are” isn’t okay for God’s banquet

It's true that everyone is welcome in Jesus' house. But just showing up won't cut it.

Am I helping the Church be fruitful?

This Sunday's Gospel has some harsh words for Church leaders, but what about me?

When have you encountered the “appallingly strange” mercy of God?

Obedience is an unpopular word in our contemporary culture, but it is one of the non-negotiables of Christian life.

When you work for God, expect surprises!

Life often seems unfair to us, but in the economy of God's justice, the sheet is always balanced.

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