Sunday Readings

A founder of the United States we should know better

George Calvert intended to found the colony of Maryland, a legacy carried out by his son.

In praise of the Father, and our fathers

To the one who fathers-forth, and his plan of sheer goodness ...

Why doesn’t the Eucharist always leave us feeling united to Christ?

The first step: We have to find out who we truly are.

The heart of our faith that gives a “mighty strength”

This is the kind of thing that determines how I will live ...

Why the Holy Spirit appeared as fire

We can learn from this manifestation how to allow the Spirit to act in our lives.

Have we seen where Christ is going?

All the cleaning and re-examining of the quarantine is for something. Do we know what?

The 2-step response for those who think they know what the Church offers – and don’t want it

In places where people know the Church ... we have to think seriously about our testimony.

Is our domestic church a towering cathedral or a roadside marker?

Let us turn again and again to the cornerstone, so that we can build to the heights we are called.

God won’t invade your heart

God never forces himself, and yet Peter's message pierced to the heart. What did he say?

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