Sunday Readings

Want true force? Try forgiveness

It seems easier to wipe out our enemies. But in the end, we're wiping out ourselves.

Why the Father gave us the Church: because we longed for it

The challenge of our day is to reveal what the Church really is.

Brother of 2 martyrs shows how to counter violence

We must resist conformity to the age if we are to be authentic Christians.

When you think Jesus is ignoring you

Matthew tells us, "Jesus did not say a word in answer to her." Why was she praying in the first place?

Are we back in the Middle Ages? Who will save us?

If our times are increasingly medieval, let us turn to the saints who saved the world back then.

Remembering God every day, especially in these 2 spots

Servant of God Julia Greeley gives a lesson in how to bring Christ into every part of the day.

A founder of the United States we should know better

George Calvert intended to found the colony of Maryland, a legacy carried out by his son.

In praise of the Father, and our fathers

To the one who fathers-forth, and his plan of sheer goodness ...

Why doesn’t the Eucharist always leave us feeling united to Christ?

The first step: We have to find out who we truly are.

The heart of our faith that gives a “mighty strength”

This is the kind of thing that determines how I will live ...

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