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Sunday Readings

Why do we struggle against surrendering to love?

The temptation to choose our own way and will over God’s is never far away.

Jesus heals the lepers … and restores our relationships

He invites everyone—the rich and poor, the healthy and the sick, the sinner and the saint—into the Kingdom.

How the story of Peter’s mother-in-law is actually about us

The original Greek indicates that this is more than just a miraculous healing.

Why there’s nothing ordinary about Ordinary Time

This "green" season is stripped down for a purpose.

Jesus invites us: “Come, and you will see”

When moments of revelation take place in our lives, we are called to respond.

Why we celebrate Christ’s baptism close to the Epiphany

Hope is the virtue that takes us from Christmas into Ordinary Time in these January days.

The Magi had the star, but we have a sign that’s just as bright

In the ancient world, an epiphaneia was a visible manifestation of a god or the solemn visit of a secular ruler to the cities of his realm.

What part do I play in both the peace and the disturbance of my home?

Christmas is a season when we come together with those whom we love to celebrate love.

Why true obedience is anything but distasteful

The obedience of Jesus perfectly reflected the religious atmosphere of the family whose head was Joseph.

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