Syria: Franciscan Friars are caring for Christians living under Sharia law

An estimated 300 Christian families in western Syria face persecution, violence and danger, even death, as their villages continue to be controlled by jihadist groups.

These are the “forgotten” churches located within Syria’s “Dead Cities”

Dating from the 1st to the 6th centuries, the churches of Syria’s "Dead Cities" are some of the oldest examples of Christian architecture. 

The Cathedral of St. Elijah in Aleppo, destroyed during the Syrian war, rises from the ashes 

Archbishop Tobji: “The restoration of the cathedral is proof that we are still in this country. Our mouths must continue to praise God in this place.”

Things have gone from bad to worse for Syrian Christians, but help is on its way

During the nine years of the civil war, the Syrian Christians have suffered greatly. Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has just launched a new emergency aid program to assist families in need.

In Aleppo, Syria, COVID-19 adds to ongoing suffering, especially for the poor

Many hospitals and health centers were destroyed by the terrorists leaving the city's health care delivery system in a fragile state.

This is Syria, after nine years of war

Religious sister living in Syria talks about the country’s tragic conditions.

Pope thanks everyone fighting the virus, but regarding Syria, “let us not forget”

"Let us not forget those brothers and sisters, and the many children, who are suffering there"

Cultural heritage of Syria and Iraq come alive in VR exhibit in Washington

Palmyra and other sites reconstructed for Smithsonian visitors in virtual walk-through.

Syria has been bleeding for years: Pray right now, urges pope

Hundreds of thousands of civilians caught in the middle of the intensified fighting

Pope renews appeal for “beloved and martyred Syria”

Urges international community to diplomacy, dialogue, negotiation

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