College students who survived the Syrian war help those still hurting in Aleppo

"I am learning to love and to give to others what I myself have received,” says one student volunteer.

Russia launches cruise missiles into ISIS targets in Syria

President Vladmir Putin sends congratulations to Syrian President Bashar Assad on breach of blockade

“I have touched the enemy’s blood, not to kill but to heal wounds”

Dr. Alejandro Roisentul builds peace serving the victims of the Syrian war, in Israel.

George and Amal Clooney to help Syrian refugee children go to school

An estimated 200,000 refugee children living in Lebanon are not in school.

This computer programmer is teaching refugees to code (VIDEO)

Fatima is improving the lives of these refugees in an unexpected way.

A priest in Aleppo has found hope in the ruins of Syria

Interview with Father Ibrahim Alsabagh: "There is not a single beautiful thing there," and yet the residents love their city.

Child refugees share their happiest memories and dreams, #OneDay

This World Refugee Day, we recognize the many children in the world who want nothing more than to return to their homes

Sister Carol: A much-needed smile in Aleppo

The Salesian nun runs a school for thousands of students. Ninety percent of them are Muslims

“Horrified”: Pope Francis makes appeal for Syria following chemical weapons attack

“We have seen and are horrified by the the latest events in Syria”

Iraqi Christians felt abandoned by God, nun who helped them flee ISIS says

Harrowing escape from ISIS recounted for student audience

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