United Kingdom

One quarter of British people are tuning into broadcasted religious services

A new poll shows that even young adults are turning to faith during the coronavirus lockdown

UK turns to empty hotels to shelter the homeless

With nearly 45,000 homeless in need of safe isolation space, experts use whatever resources they can find.

Open Doors festival in Wales offers free tours of Neath Abbey and a lot more

Wales makes more than 200 historical sites open for free visits during weekends in September.

UK Catholic bishop converts Church’s own medieval estate to wildlife sanctuary

Bishop John Arnold is using the 16th-century Wardley Hall to launch his Laudato Si' response.

UK Catholic churches and schools switch to renewable energy

As a result of one of the largest green energy contracts in the UK, nearly 5,000 facilities will move away from fossil fuels.

Mothering Sunday: The Christian roots of Mother’s Day

Christians of the Renaissance would use the holiday for a trip to their "mother church."

Scottish doctors are prescribing nature walks as supplemental treatment

The body can benefit from time in a natural environment.

See the Tower of London ablaze in candles to remember World War I (Video)

London commemorated the centennial of the end of World War I with 10,000 flames.

Nation’s smallest preemie now a healthy teenager

Mother resisted pressure to abort; her daughter has thrived.

The royal family launches campaign to erase mental health stigma (Video)

William, Kate, and Harry are putting their "Heads Together" to draw attention to the everyday mental struggles people bear.

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