Valentines Day

Refresh your soul with God’s love for you

When our heart is broken by human love, God is always there to love us and bring us peace.

A Valentine’s Day tradition from St. Francis de Sales

He encouraged the picking of a "heavenly" Valentine to whom you should give a spiritual bouquet.

Seeing your Valentine: The saint’s face reconstructed

Cicero Moraes continues to illuminate the saints with depictions based on their remains.

Medievalists rebuild lost parts of St. Valentine’s biography

Overlooked for centuries, the relationship between this saint’s feast and an ancient Roman festival was noted by Shakespeare.

7 Love songs that help us see why VaLENTines Day on Ash Wednesday weirdly fits

The greatest sign of love known to man isn’t a chocolate heart.

5 Unromantic ways to get in on the Valentine’s Day love (if you’re single)

Just because you don't have a date doesn't mean you can't spread the love!

2018 Weirdness includes ashes for Valentine’s day and more …

The sacred Lenten period begins on a more romantic note than we even know.

This is what happens when you ask your songwriter husband to write a song for you

When saying “but, every song is for you” isn’t enough

A Valentine’s playlist for every season of love

No matter what you’re feeling this Valentine’s Day, we have a song for you

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