Virgin Mary

Take refuge in Mary with this prayer — none of this sorrow is new to her

The headlines are plain overwhelming. The Church's oldest prayer to Our Lady is solace.

How Ferrero Rocher chocolates were inspired by the Virgin Mary

The popular chocolate and hazelnut treats were named after the Rocher de Massabielle, the site of the Marian apparition in Lourdes.

Pope adds ‘Mother of Hope’ to Litany of Mary, along with two other new titles

Comfort of Migrants and Mother of Mercy will take their place among the other titles of devotion given to Jesus' mother.

Anxious? Place your cares in the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Like any good mother, the Virgin Mary will look tenderly upon us and comfort us in our anxiety.

How the Heart of Mary leads directly to the Heart of Jesus

One of the most effective ways to draw closer to Heart of Jesus is through the Heart of Mary.

Statue of Mary once again overlooks city of Prague

Torn down by angry mob over 100 years ago, image is now seen as a sign of reconciliation.

Why John Paul II wanted Mary to be called “Mother of the Church”

St. John Paul II was one of the strongest advocates for officially celebrating Mary's role as mother of all the Christian faithful.

Exclusive photos: A May crowning in the back of a pickup truck

The Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal bring the Marian devotion to the streets.

The queen of Pope Francis’ heart

We cannot understand the Holy Father's spirituality if we do not understand this devotion, taught him by his grandmother.

The obscure fresco that led St. Ignatius in founding the Jesuits

The holy priest agreed that Mary interceded for healings through devotion to her image as Our Lady of the Way.

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