Virgin Mary

How the Virgin Mary can help you endure any suffering

The Virgin Mary knows first-hand the pain and suffering that many experience.

If you struggle with sin, try this spiritual exercise

Sometimes we don't understand the weight of our sins until we see their spiritual effects.

What was the Virgin Mary’s real name?

The English word "Mary" is a translation of the Hebrew "Myriam," which would have been her real name.

The miraculous story of the Maltese Lady of the Grotto

Around the year 1400, the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to a hunter in a cave. In a short time, the cave became a chapel, and then a church, and then a priory.

Place yourself under Mary’s protection with this prayer

Ask the Virgin Mary to surround you with her heavenly mantle.

Why we shouldn’t think of Mary as an unwed mother

Let us understand Scripture and see her as the champion of life.

Why is Mary depicted standing on a snake?

The tradition is based on a verse from the Book of Genesis, in which the downfall of Satan is predicted.

12 Quotes from the saints about Mary on the feast of her Nativity

As we celebrate the birth of the Blessed Virgin, be inspired by what holy men and women have said about her.

Mary’s life was not about Mary

And she even makes a bigger deal out of us than she does herself.

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