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20 Unique place card ideas to help your wedding guests find their seats

These great options will bring a touch of nature, whimsy, or elegance to your big day.

10 Lessons I learned about relationships from not walking down the aisle

Advice from a woman who called off her wedding before it was too late.

Why I called off my wedding (and why sharing the story helps)

How I learned to view the end of the path as a new and glorious beginning.

How to have a bachelorette party with no regrets

It should be a fun experience the bride can remember fondly, not a nightmare she’d rather forget.

7 Pitfalls to avoid when spiritually preparing for your wedding day

Speaking from his pastoral experience, Fr. Paul Denizot shares how to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Feast your eyes on these gorgeous fall bouquets

These stunning floral arrangements bloom with bold autumn colors -- for the bride or for your home.

What to wear to a fall wedding … or any special event this season

Need some ideas for an upcoming event? Let these dresses in a rainbow of earthy hues inspire you.

Children of 9/11 victims find love together amidst their tragedy

Sixteen years after the horrendous event, a strong and hope-filled couple unites.

How I helped a homeless bride plan her wedding

While handing out food to the homeless, one woman shyly told me she had “a girl problem.”

The Ukrainian wedding tradition that’s making a stunning comeback

With a look to the past, these headdresses are the ultimate symbol of eternity and beauty.

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