World War II

Rare color film of Jewish quarter in Warsaw just before Nazi invasion

Footage of everyday life was shot by a Chicago pediatrician touring Europe in 1939.

How could ordinary men be capable of such evil? The last Nazi prosecutor has the answer

Former Nuremberg prosecutor Ben Ferencz explains how the Holocaust was possible.

Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl makes surprising comment about happiness (VIDEO)

Self-transendance is what actually gives us meaning, according to the famous psychologist and author.

Meet the nun beheaded by Nazis for hanging crucifixes

Defiant Sister Maria Restituta was the only religious sister sentenced to death by a Nazi court

The future saint who refused to swear allegiance to Hitler

Josef Mayr-Nusser obeyed the first commandment to the end: "...thou shalt not have strange Gods before me."

Midwife from Auschwitz: The woman who saved hundreds of newborns

She ran to childbirth with a prayer to Mary on her lips, often wearing only one slipper. This is the story of Stanisława Leszczyńska. March 11 marked 43 years since her death.

New evidence emerging that disproves image of Pius XII as “Hitler’s Pope”

Majority of historians now recognizing Pacelli's efforts to combat Nazism, protect Jews

Review: ‘Bitter Harvest,’ the untold story of Holodomor, the Ukrainian holocaust

Thanks to this film, the forced starvation of millions of Ukrainians by Stalin's Soviet regime may enter the mainstream consciousness.

Anne Frank may have left a remembrance of herself besides her diary

Pendant unearthed in former concentration camp being studied for connection with famous child victim

An Israeli filmmaker follows the traces of the “forgotten Holocaust”: The Soviet Shoah

Boris Maftsir's documentary series on the Shoah attempts to prevent the “other holocaust” from falling into oblivion

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