World War II

Two high-profile films to focus on martyrs of World War II

This is very good news for fans of quality movies about faith

Fooling the Nazis: How a Roman hospital invented ‘K Disease’ to save dozens of Jewish lives

Prestigious doctor cooked up the "illness" and named it after SS and Luftwaffe leaders

Last Priest from Dachau Concentration Camp Dies at 102

Father Hermann Scheipers survived Nazis and communists in long career

Finally Home: Serviceman Killed in Battle with Japanese Brought Back to New Orleans

A mother's plea to find her son is fulfilled, thanks to a chance discovery in the South Pacific

The Prophetic Witness of a Murdered Jesuit

Father Alfred Delp, executed by the Nazis, can serve as a companion for those struggling in times of despair

Hitler’s President, No, but Hitler’s Pope, Yes

Pius XII gets hammered for actions for which Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim gets praised

Meet the Only Nun Sentenced to Death by a Nazi Court

Defiant Sister Maria Restituta hung crucifixes on the walls of her hospital, and wouldn't take them down

How the Commandant of Auschwitz Found God’s Mercy

Not even an "animal" like Rudolf Höss is exempt from Christ's forgiveness, Polish nun says

Setting the Record Straight on Auschwitz Survivor and the Grandson of Her Nazi Captor

“Forgive your worst enemy. It will heal your soul and set you free.”

Pope at Synagogue: “From Enemies and Strangers to Friends and Brothers”

Third pope to visit the Great Synagogue of Rome: "chazaqà"