Year in the Word

Let’s be Christmas people — even in February

Most of us walk away from the manger and the Christ child and walk right back into a world of dashed hopes and despair.

He isn’t Santa, but he gives us what we need

God has what are you really longing for, whether you know it or not

Why the words we speak matter (especially after Communion)

Ever gossip or go off on an angry rant as you're leaving Mass? Don't just feel terrible about yourself -- here's what you can do.

Perhaps it’s a “first-world” cross, but it’s mine

There's one particular sacrifice that hurts: The little, everyday handing over of the will to God.

An Advent welcome: Draw near to God, and surrender to the quiet

It’s a new (liturgical) year and many of us are in powerful need of a fresh start

As the country clings to anger, the Devil exults

Love heals. It's time to set aside our divisions and get to work.

In praise of a sacred silence in church

I no longer resent everybody who turns to his neighbor to share this week’s goings-on... I have my earplugs.

What will heaven be like?

Will we be able to eat, fly, or speak in English? Will we be the same age as we were when we died? Does any of this matter?

Are you trying so hard to pray “right” that you are praying wrong?

God can work with honest prayers. It’s pious pretense he has trouble getting past.

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