The brief guide to all things Advent

A single word can summarize what the Advent season is about: preparation. Advent is that time of the year in which we recall the birth of Christ, over two thousand years ago. But it is also the time in which we think beyond time, as the liturgy repeats the words of the book of Revelation: “come, Lord Jesus!”. That is, Advent is a time in which Christians experience a unique temporal tension not too different from that which Augustine already referred to in the famous eleventh book of the Confessions: that of a present that is always constituted of memory (as we remember Christ’s birth) and expectation (as we wait for His Second Coming at the end of time).

We hope you find this very brief e-book not only informative, intellectually useful, but also spiritually inspiring and uplifting, as we prepare to receive the Child Jesus once again amongst us, not only in liturgy, but in our everyday encounters with others, specially those who suffer, those who need us the most.

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