Scientists clone the same mouse 581 times

© Kyodo

The technique could be used to replicate superior farm animals

Japansese scientists have accomplished a new bio tech feat by creating 581 clones from the genetic material of a single original cell. Singularity Hub has the story:

Scientists in Japan have taken cloning to a whole new level. They haven’t cloned a new species or even come up with a new technique. They have, however, managed to push the technique to new limits by cloning 581 mice – all from a single original cell. If their results can be replicated in other animals it could provide a way for virtually unlimited supplies of genetically superior farm animals or other animals important to research.

Long before Dolly was cloned in 1996, scientists had already established a long history of cloning mammals. The first was a genetically identical mouse produced in 1979. Shortly thereafter the first genetically identical cows, chickens, and sheep were produced. What made Dolly a sensation, however, was the method by which she was cloned.

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