Prayers for a Particular Need

Our collection of Catholic prayers from saints, spiritual writers and the Church's liturgy, for various intentions and needs of everyday life.

Prayer to feel Jesus’s love when receiving communion

Ask Jesus to come into your soul at communion and allow you to feel his love.

Prayer that your children won’t copy your mistakes

Ask God to help your children make better choices, not copying your own faults and mistakes.

Prayer for knowledge and wisdom in spiritual matters

If you are feeling inadequate in your spiritual life, pray this prayer for an increase in knowledge and wisdom.

Prayer after a bad day

If today turned out to be a rough day, here is a prayer for you.

Prayer to take away spiritual dryness

When you are having a difficult time in prayer, ask God to take away your spiritual dryness.

Prayer for God’s blessings upon your country

Ask God to bless and protect your country with this prayer.

Ask God for help not to be disappointed with response to a prayer

It's easy to get disappointed when a prayer request is not answered in the way we want.

Praise God for his goodness to you with this prayer

Prayers of praise are important, as they point our attention to God and recognize the many blessings he gives to us.

Begin your day with this prayer of thanksgiving

The best way to start a day is to thank God for the gift of life.

Ask St. Raphael to protect your health while traveling

The next time you travel for work or for a vacation, ask St. Raphael to preserve your health.

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