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Couldn’t resist throwing this one into the mix. It’s not in the mainstream charts but will definitely hit high up on the Christian radar. We ease on into summer with the chilled out but uplifting – I lift my hands – by Chris Tomlin.

A simple but profound piece.

The song meanders between the need for both stillness and action in our lives and articulates the steadfast presence of God throughout.

He starts with the words “Be still, there is a healer” and we are reminded of the need for silence in our lives, time to contemplate the Lord, to see that He dwells within us and that it is He who is the answer to our suffering.

But there's also the call to action in this song. With the words “I lift my hands up” and “you are my refuge” we see action on the part of God as well as ourselves. He is the refuge, He always welcomes us, but we have to be the ones to put our hands up to Him and say ‘Yes!”

The music video itself mirrors the words beautifully: the scenes are set against a background of lonely, derelict buildings and walkways, yet as the person steps through desolation, sunlight lays its gentle touch over the destruction and darkness, turning desolation into beauty. The image of God as present in all our struggles and solitude materializes before us; there is nowhere His light can’t reach.

Chris Tomlin is not a Catholic, but in this song he definitely captured the element that binds all Christian denominations together, namely, the unfailing love of God.

“Be still, there is a healer; His love is deeper than the sea; His mercy is unfailing; His arms fortress for the weak.”

“Let faith arise.”

“I lift my hands to believe again… you are faithful God forever”

God is the ever faithful. When we come back to Him after turning away, He always receives us, welcomes us, forgives us; He is our constant refuge, a home for us…our true home. 

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