Wind Sculptures That Look Like a New Life Form


Dutch artist Theo Jansen’s stunning creations are made with plastic tubes and lemonade bottles

Dutch artist Theo Jansen has been preoccupied with creating animated art forms since 1990. His “Strandbeest” (which means “beach animals”) are remarkable. Made with plastic tubes and lemonade bottles, they’re powered by wind and are extremely lifelike. More than works of art, they are engineering feats, and in the future Jansen wants to equip them with artificial intelligence so they will avoid the water. Wouldn’t it be something to walk along a beach and see a herd of these artificial beasts running toward you?

“Over time these creatures have become increasingly better at surviving the elements such as storm and water, and eventually I want to put these animals in herds out on the beaches so they will live their own lives,” Jansen said.

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